• Hacked

    Eric and Dylan hacked into the school computer system demanding locker combinations
  • After Supended

    The parents responded the same way as always. Eric's dad wanted to make sure that this incadent did not go on his record. Dylans dad said he was grounded, they both got frounded for a month.
  • killing spree

    Dylan starts to mention killing sprees in his journal, he also says that he is getting depressed by the day
  • Grounded

    they were not allowed computer access, they still remained close. There bond is unbreakable.
  • target

    eric takes notice in other school shooting, Studing gun prices, he says schools are an easy target
  • Love

    Dylan's true love waved to him, he was ecstatic. he listed people in his journal who he thought loved him. there was a total of 19 people.
  • date

    Eric got a girlfriend that is 23, at this time eric was 16. they both knew it was more that a friendship.
  • Scam

    they started testing there pipe bombs, Eric started credit card scams. he listed 8 steps to complete the scam
  • Arrested

    The boys were taken to the county jail, fingerprinted, photographed, and booked. then they were released into the custody for 4 angry parents.
  • Guns

    Robyn helped purchasde three of the guns
  • Bombs

    Deputies find a pipe bomb near eric's house, Chris and Nate also seen a pipe bombs
  • psychiatrist

    Eric begins seeing a psychiatrist and soon starts taking Zoloft. That is a medication for depression.
  • Kristi

    they found that eric and kristi would pass notes back and forth in German class,
  • court

    eric and dylan are formally setenced to court
  • journal

    Eric begins writing in his journal about his unpleasent thoughts.
  • Marines

    eric had been talking to a marine recruiter during the lasr few weeks of his life
  • attorneys

    officals met with the klebolds and several attorneys to discuss ground rules for a series of interviews