Arnolds Park

By jhutch
  • Hotel

    In 1883 Wesley Arnold built the Arnolds Park Hotel.
  • First Ride

    The first ride was built in 1889 called the "Chute-to-Chute"
  • Full Park

    In 1899 there were 7,000 people and 13 passener trains filled with people at the park
  • 2 Parks

    In 1912 the park split into to 2 parks. Arnolds Park and Stevens Park
  • Rollercoaster

    The first rollercoaster was also built then. It was called "Thriller"
  • Roof Garden

    Roof garden was constructed
  • Wooden Rollercoaster

    The wooden rollercoaster that is here today was built
  • Tornado

    The park was hit by a tornado
  • Closed

    The park got closed in 1987
  • Reopened

    The park got bought by some businessmen and they restored and reopened it