Arlington road pic

Arlington road

  • Main character introduction

    Main character introduction
  • empty swings

    empty swings
  • Period: to

    Arlington Road shizzle

  • Fence

    The first cut image of a fence, the back round is red the connitares danger
  • Font

    This is the first time we see font and text.
  • First establishing shot.

    First establishing shot.
    the first time we see a complete location in the opening sequences.
  • Extreme long shot

    Extreme long shot
    Black and white
  • Sun set

    Sun set
  • Introduces main actors

    Introduces main actors
  • Arlington road sign

    Arlington road sign
    introduces the film title also baby faded in backgound
  • Dog chewing

    Dog chewing
    dog chewing to add tension.
  • Scary

    To show menacing features and to show fear
  • Mirrored Image

    Mirrored Image
    Mirrored Image
  • Scry girl urning around

    Scry girl urning around
    showing innocense
  • spy

    looks like someone is following the woman and child and red connitates danger
  • kids behind bars

    kids behind bars
  • silhouette