Picture 9

Arlington road

  • 10th image

    10th image
    close up on road sign
  • 1st image

    1st image
    mid shot, first sceen to be shot, low angle (child eyeline), facing man, dialogue, man quite agresseive and confused.
  • 2nd image

    2nd image
    close up on raillings, shows closed off space
  • 3rd image

    3rd image
    titles repeated in the background, broken by white lines
  • 4th image

    4th image
    longshot of houses and mid shot of lamp post in foreground, houses in background
  • 5th image

    5th image
    extreme close-up on top of raillings
  • 6th image

    6th image
    close up of top of houses
  • 7th image

    7th image
    faint close up of raillings in foreground, mid sht of house in background with the sun setting behind it
  • 8th image

    8th image
    close up on light bulb
  • 9th image

    9th image
    extreme close up on babys face, blured
  • 11th image

    11th image
    raillings in foreground, part of house in backgound, shows the house is closed off from others
  • 12th image

    12th image
    trees blowing in the wind against fence
  • 13th image

    13th image
    shot on cloch type things, moves down onto plants
  • 14th image

    14th image
    shot of plants
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    arlington road analysis