Ariana Grande's music career

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  • Launch of “Yours Truly”.

     Launch of “Yours Truly”.
    Ariana Grande's first official album; it debuted on the Billboard 200 with 130,000 copies sold in its opening week.
  • Launch of "My Everything"

    Launch of "My Everything"
    August 25 release of "My Everything" whose album was on the Billboard 200 with 169,000 copies sold in its release week.
    Ariana quickly rose to fame with the singles:
    Problem ft. Iggy Azalea B Hot 100 # 2
    Break free ft. Zeed B Hot 100 # 4
    Bang bang ft. Jessie J & Niki Minaj B Hot 100 # 3
    Love me harder ft. The Weekend B Hot 100 # 7
    One last time B Hot 100 # 13
  • The honeymoon tour

    The honeymoon tour
    She started his tour "the honeymoon Tour" where with 88 shows she raised 41.8 M dollars.
    In it, she invited Justin Bieber to a show and the world began to burn.

    On October 30, he released “Focus”, the promotional video for Samsung. It was later listed as Ariana's worst song.
  • “Dangerous Woman” Era

    “Dangerous Woman” Era
    On May 20th Ariana releases "Dangerous Woman" which entered Billboard 200, with 175,000 copies sold in its week of release.
    She left us sexy singles like:
    Dangerous Woman B Hot 100 #8
    Into you B Hot 100 #13
    Side to side B Hot 100 #4
    Everyday B Hot 100
  • Mac Miller

    Mac Miller
    Ariana and Mac Miller confirm their love affair.
  • Manchester Bombings

    Manchester Bombings
    On May 22nd, the attack in Manchester takes place. A heartbreaking event for Ariana, the families of the victims and even the fans; this attack touched everyone.
    For this reason, Ariana hesitated to continue giving concerts, and even to continue with her career. No doubt something that left a mark on Ari's life.
    Some time later she concludes the "Dangerous Woman Tour" where with 77 shows she collects 71 M dollars.
  • One love Manchester

    One love Manchester
    On June 4, he gave a benefit concert called "One love Manchester", with the presence of various artists such as: Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Mac Miller, Katy Perry, Victoria Monét, among others.
  • Comeback

    After "disappearing" Ariana returns with this photo looking fabulous. This caused a lot of excitement for the fans, more so because she was promoting her new single "No tears left to cry".
    She returns to the stage singing and promoting "No tears left to cry".
  • Sweetener

    On August 17th Ariana releases "Sweetener" entered the billboard 200, sold 231,000 copies in its first week, and not only that, this album won a Grammy.
    This album left us singles that are totally artistic:
    No tears left to cry B Hot 100 #3
    The light is coming
    God is a woman B Hot 100 #8
    Breathin B Hot 100 #12
  • Mac Miller

    Mac Miller
    Grande confirms via Instagram stories that she no longer has a relationship with Mac Miller.
    In September we received the devastating news of Mac Miller's death. After days of silence, Ariana publishes a video of Mac, where in the description she shares with us her pain and condolences. This video has more than 44 M of reproductions.
  • Woman of the Year

    Woman of the Year
    She won an award as "Woman of the year".
  • thank u next

    thank u next
    On February 8th, she releases her latest album "Thank u, Next".
    Leaving singles that brought her even more fame:
    Thank u, next achieved her first #1 in B Hot 100
    7 rings #1 B Hot 100
    Beak up whit your girlfriend, I'm bored #1 in the charts
  • Sweetener world tour

    Sweetener world tour
    On March 18, she begins her 101-show "Sweetener World Tour", raising more than $92 million.
    In the last stage of the tour, he added some Christmas songs and a Christmas outfit for the song Thank u next.
    Ending December 22nd
  • Coachella

    On April 15th Ariana heads Coachella and brings as guests Niki Minaj, *NSYNC and Justin Bieber.
    In the same event, a girl attacks her with a lemon.
    She met Blackpink.
  • Collaborations

    She has two collaborations, Rain on me with Lady Gaga and Stuck with you with Justin Bieber, both songs giving her a #1 in the B Hot 100
  • Positions

    releases its sixth album Positions, giving us singles as Positions and 34 + 35
  • excuse me i love you

    excuse me i love you
    She ends the year with his documentary on Netflix, "excuse me i love you" about her Sweetener World Tour in 2019