Arctic Monkeys timeline

By tiapeek
  • Arctic Monkeys frst gig

    Arctic Monkeys performed in front of an audience for the first time in their hometown, Sheffield.
  • Beneath the Broadwalk

    Arctic Monkeys recorded 17 demos at 2fly studios. These were given out at gigs for free. The band stated that they didnt want to make money
  • Arctic Monkeys first album

    The Arctic Monkeys released their first album "Whatever People Say, That's What Im Not". This album broke the record of the fatest selling debut album in a week.
  • #1 Single in UK

    Arctic Monkeys released the song "I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor" and it went straight to #1 in the UK charts.
  • Another #1

    "When The Sun Goes Down" was released and went straight to #1 in the UK charts
  • New EP

    A new EP containing 5 new tracks was released.
  • Andy Nicholson Leaves

    Arctic Monkeys announced that Andy Nicholson will not take part in the North American tour
  • New Song

    Arcitc Monkeys created a new song "Leave Before The Lights Come On" and Nick O'Malley becomes his formal replacement.
  • New album released

    Favourite Worst Nightmare album is released. It reached#1 in a week
  • Glastonbury

    Arctic Monkeys were headliners at Glastonbury alongside The Killers and many more.
  • New Album

    Arctic Monkeys released their new album "Humbug". They toured this album worldwide and headlined at Reading and Leeds Festival
  • Alex Turner went solo

    Alex Turner went solo and released 5 songs. One of these was used as the soundtrack for the film "Submarine"
  • New album

    "Suck It And See" was released and they toured around the world
  • New demo release

    The new demo "R U Mine?" was released on Radio KROD
  • New demo

    The song is called "Electricity" and has a similar kind of sound to R U Mine.
  • New Album

    Arctic Monkeys released their new album AM and are touring around the world