Archduke franz ferdinand

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria timeline

  • Birth

    Francis Ferdinand was born on the 18th of December, 1863, in Graz, Austria. He's the first son of Carl Ludwig
  • Joins the army

    Joins the army
    Franz joins the Austro-Hungarian army at the age of 12. He is rapidly promoted without much training, being promoted to a major-general by the time he is 31. His great interest in the army strongly foreshadows his ruling tactics in the future.EXACT DATE UNKNOWN
  • Becomes the heir

    Becomes the heir
    Franz Ferdinand become the heir to Austria, after his cousin Rudolf, the Crown Prince of Austria, kills himself. Rudolf was said to be mentally unstable, and created a suicide pack with one of his mistresses. After the death of Franz's father, he would become the Archduke. His father soon died of typhoid, and Franz became the ruler of Austria.
  • Meets his wife

    Meets his wife
    Franz meets Sophie Chotek at a ball in Prague, and has his mind set that he wants to marry her. But, she wasn't eligible to marry him, because she was not a member of a reigning family in Europe. Franz was in love, and wouldn't marry anyone but Sophie, but Emperor Franz Joseph wouldn't let him. He finally agreed to let them marry, as long as Sophie held no power, and their children had no succesion to the throne. EXACT DATE UNKOWN
  • Marriage

    Franz marries Sophie. None of his family attended the wedding, except for his stepmother and her daughters. EXACT DATE UNKNOWN
  • Children

    Franz and Sophie give birth to their first child, Sophie, in 1901. They continue to have 2 more children, Maximillian in 1902, and then Ernst in 1904. The children were beloved, and said to be taken care of, but were still not allowed to ever become rulers. EXACT DATE UNKOWN
  • Promotion

    He is promoted to the position Inspector General of the Austro-Hungarian army. He recieved this position, because of his great popularity with the army. EXACT DATE UNKOWN
  • World War 1

    2 months after the assassination of Franz and his wife, Austro-Hungaria declared war on Serbia, which started the first world war
  • Invitation to Bosnia

    Invitation to Bosnia
    Franz and Sophie are invited to come to Bosnia-Herzegovnia, by Governor Oskar Poltorek. Franz was reluctant, because of the conflict going on in Bosnia. Many people in Bosnia opposed the Austro-Hungarian rulers, and instead like the Serbians; the people they were arguing with. A previouis Austro-Hungarian governor was almost assassinated in his trip to Bosnia. Franz accepted the invitation, as long as his wife could accompany him. EXACT DATE UNKOWN
  • Trip to Bosnia

    Trip to Bosnia
    Sophie and Franz arrive at Bosnia at 10 o'clock on Sunday, 28th June, 1914, They were driving in a line of cars, being the second to the front. They passed a police station, when a member of the Black Hand threw a grenade at their car. The Black Hand was a Bosnian group that protested Bosnian rulers. The grenade didn't hit their car, but the car behind them. Many other civillians were hit by bomb splinters. He made the trip safetly, but when he heard about the hurt civillians, he wanted to go-
  • Trip to Bosnia (2)

    -and see them in the hospital. On his way, his driver took a wrong turn, and another member of the Black Hand, Gavrilo Princip, saw him. He automatically went and shot both Sophie and Franz; killing them both.