arab spring comparitive timeline

  • Period: to


  • khaled said beaten by police

  • mohamed bouazizis protest

    Mohamed Bouazizi was a 26-year-old university graduate without a steady job, trying to support his family. Mohamed set himself on fire, acting out of desperation after police confiscated the fruits and vegetables he sold without a permit.
  • ben ali flees to saudi arabia

    president ben ali fled his country on Friday night, capitulating after a month of mounting protests calling for an end to his 23 years of authoritarian rule.
  • day of rage protests in tahrir sqaure

  • hosni mubarak resigns

  • thousands of protesters gather at the pearl roundabout in the capital manama to protest government violence at funeral of pro-democracy protester

  • protest begins in benghazi

  • UN security council votes to refer muammar gaddafi to international criminal court for war crimes

  • gulf cooperation council troops under the leadership of saudi arabia enter bahrain

  • UN security council backs no fly zone and airstrikes to protect libyan citizens

  • ( operation odyssey dawn ) NATO commands air and missle strikes against muammar gaddafi

  • assad sacks cabinet hints at reform

  • friday of martyrs

  • houla massacre

  • ben ali sentenced to 35 years in jail in abstentia

    A Tunisian court sentenced former president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in absentia on Monday to 35 years in jail, six months after his overthrow in a revolution helped to inspire the "Arab Spring."
  • international contact group on libya formally reconizies opposition government national transitional council

  • mummar gaddafi killed

  • constituent assembly results, ennahda (moderate islamic party) wins a majority

  • prime minister hamadi jebali took office

  • freedom and justice party (affiliated with muslim brotherhood) win majority of seats in parlimentary elections

  • pearl roundabout destroyed

  • ennahda announces constitution will not cite islamic law underscoring secular nature of government

  • hosni mubarak sentenced to life sentence for killing protesters

  • mohammad morsi ( muslim brotherhood canadiate) elected president

  • general national congress elections held

  • nearly 20 senior syrian military officers defect assads regime

  • general national congress takes office

  • morsi asserts political control over military by forcing military cheif to resign

  • freedom and democracy ralley draws perhaqps as many as 100000 people