APUSH assignment

  • Harper's Ferry

    John Brown and several followers seized an armory and an arsenal at Harper's Ferry. Which brought concerns about slavery.
  • Lincoln's first election

    Lincoln went up against douglas, bell, and brekenridge and won with 40 percent of votes.
  • South secedes

    South Carolina was the first state to leave. All the states that did leave the union left for worries of losing their slaves and the radicalization of the govenment.
  • Confederate states of america established

    They were formed by states that left for their ideals on how to live and their president was Jefferson davis.
  • Lincoln's re-election

    Lincoln won again even though he was very unpopular after winning their first big battle of the war it gave him more votes.
  • Writ of Habeas Corpus Suspended

    Lincoln suspended it when John Merryman was arrested and his lawyer called the Writ of Habeas Corpus, but the supreme court stated that lincoln had no power to issue that. Later on it was suspended a second time and civilians are not subjects to military court.
  • 1st Battle of Bull Run

    Also known as the first manassas was fought in virginia and was one of the first battles of the american civil war.
  • First Income Tax

    This was implimented by Lincoln after he signed the revenue act. It added a 3 percent tax to income to help fund the civil war.
  • 1st Confiscation Act

    It gave the union the right to take property from rebels. It started with african americans who fought or worked with confederate officials.
  • Trent Affair

    The USS intercepted a british mail packet RMS Trent and removed it as contraband of war, and two confederate diplomates James Mason and John Slidell.
  • Monitor v. Merrimac

    This was during the american civil war and was the first batlle of iornclads.
  • Shiloh

    Was a major civil war battle of theatre in tennesse.
  • Capture of New Orleans

    It was a huge victory for the union during the anerican civil war. when they went to seize it they were unopposed.
  • Morrill Land Grant Acts

    It allowed the creation of land grant colleges.
  • 2nd Confiscation Act

    It stated that any confederate military, official, or civilian didn't surrender in 60 days that their slaves would be freed in criminal procedings.
  • Antietam

    This was the first battle on northern soil of the american civil war it wasRobert Lee against George McClellan. In this battle George was unable to defeat lee's army.
  • emancipation proclomation

    Lincoln issued this at gettesburg after the unions first big win to have the emancipation of all slaves in or part of a state.
  • national draft law instated

    It was a legeslation passed by the congress during the civil war to provide fresh man power to the union army.
  • Vicksburg

    It was in may and june where grant's army converged on Vicksburg entrapping the city and an army.
  • Capture of Atlanta

    Here was a huge political part when George McClellan ran against Lincon using the ideas of peace.
  • Sherman's March to the Sea

    This was Sherman leading 60,000 men to georgia to try to scare the civilians to drop the confederate cause.
  • 13th Admendment

    It formally abolished slavery in the united states.
  • Capture of Richmond

    Virginia was the capital of the confederate and was attacke numerous occasions. until it eventually fell.
  • Surrender at Appomattox

    It was the final battle where lee's army fought until they surrendered to grant's army. This was at the court house in Appomattox.
  • Lincoln's assassination

    Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilks Booth.