Aprewitt storm cloud gathers (world war 2)

  • Mussolini takes power in italy

    Mussolini takes power in italy
    Benito Mussolini, who was once a school teacher became prime minister and two years after that he rose to power and became the ruler of italy and created fascism
  • U.S. stock market crashes

    U.S. stock market crashes
    long before the stock market gave way investors were already beginning to doubt the stability of the market and their fears were finally realized when the market collapsed on a day know now as black tuesday.
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    Aprewitt A storm cloud gathers (world war 2)

  • Japan siezes manchuria

    Japan siezes manchuria
    The Kwantung Army disobeyed orders from tokyo and began one of the most brutal invasions the world has ever seen when the japanese marched on manchuria and nearly destroyed it's people
  • FDR is elected president

    FDR is elected president
    FDR defeated presidential rivel Herbert Hoover and began his first term as president to help pull america out of the great depression.
  • Hitler is named chancelor of germany

    Hitler is named chancelor of germany
    On this day Hitler completes his rise to power when Paul von Hindenburg names him chancelor of germany and leader of the nazi party
  • Hitler defies treaty of versailles

    Hitler defies treaty of versailles
    Hitler defies treaty of versailles by building up armed forces in germany and stockpiles on weapons and increases military size and power
  • Italy invades ethiopia

    Italy invades ethiopia
    Benito Mussolini used the same excuse for the invasion of Ethiopia as Hitler did poland saying he was taking back german territory and to boost Italian pride.
  • France militarizes the Rhineland

    France militarizes the Rhineland
    After the treaty of versaills germany broke there pact when hitler moved across the rhine and finally took poland it was the last straw for fraance
  • Civil war erupts in spain

    Civil war erupts in spain
    the war, which happened after the declaration of opposites, consisted of the fascist supporters backed up by hitler and mussolini and the ones backed up by the allies
  • japan invades china

    japan invades china
    Japans thirst for power eventually made it come into conflict with china who had been to war with japan before but china was not ready for the militarly superieor japan
  • Anschluss

    Thhe term was an agreement the annex austria and germanys border and then creat a alliance between the two and open borders
  • Munich Conference

    Munich Conference
    Leaders of france, great britain, and italy met and discused with germany whether it should be allowed to annex Czechoslovakia wich lead to appeasment
  • Kristallnact

    Kristallnact or night of broken glass was one of the first acts of german terror on the jewish population in germany.
  • Nazi soviet pact

    Nazi soviet pact
    Pact made between nazi germany and soviet union where both sides promised to remain neutral if one side is attacked by a third party and both promised to split parts of poland
  • Germany invades poland

    Germany invades poland
    The final straw that would triggger ww2 was germanys notorious attack on poland when it mobilized for war and captured poland
  • phony war

    phony war
    the stalemate on the western front came to be known as the phony war because no ally was willing to attack the german army yet
  • U.S Neutrality act

    U.S Neutrality act
    After great britain declared war on germany president Franklin roosevelt asked congress to pass the neutrality act which eventually did
  • Churchhill is elected prime minister in england

    Churchhill is elected prime minister in england
    Churchill was elected in part because of his charisma and his ability to rally the british people to stand up to germany and lead the people to victory
  • France surrenders

    France surrenders
    After long and gruling battles the french finally surrendered to germany and a puppet government was set up in france and resistance was set up in vichy france
  • Miracle at dunkirk

    Miracle at dunkirk
    The disatrous military campaign by the allies resulted in allied ships coming to evacuate the the allied citizens and soldiers from the battle to safety
  • battle of britain

    battle of britain
    the battle of britain was germanies attempt to break the people of great britains will and hitlers attempt to take london and claim it for nazi germany
  • Japan seizes french indochina

    Japan seizes french indochina
    To expand its territory even farther the japanese decide to sieze French occupied territory in china
  • Lend Lease act

    Lend Lease act
    The lend lease act set up trade between the us and its allies for supplies during ww2
  • Atlantic Charter

    Atlantic Charter
    President Roosevelt and winston churchill met on a ship to discuss americas involvment in the war which eventually let to the document the atlantic charter wich outlined post war guidlines
  • Attack on pearl harbor

    Attack on pearl harbor
    On december 7 1941 Japanese zeros roared sudenly over hawaii and started to bomb the naval base and gave the U.S a rude awakening which would finally force them into ww2 with the allies