Ipad 2

Apple Ipad 2

  • First Programmable Computer

    First Programmable Computer
    The Z1 was invented in 1938 by German Konrad Zuse and is considered to be the first elctrical binary programmable computer
  • First Digital Computer

    First Digital Computer
    Professor John Vincent Atanasoff and Cliff Berry devolop first digital computer.
  • First Stored Program Computer

    First Stored Program Computer
    The ESDAC is considered to be the first stored program computer.
  • First PC Computer

    First PC Computer
    IBM publicly introduced the mass produced pc- the 701.
  • First Computer With RAM

    First Computer With RAM
    MIT introduces the Whirlwind machine with RAM.
  • First Transistor Computer

    First Transistor Computer
    The T-XO is demonstrated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • First Mini-computer

    First Mini-computer
    Digital Electronic Corporation release first of many PDP computers- the PDP-1.
  • First Workstation

    It never sold but was the first with computer, display and mouse.
  • First Apple Computer

    First Apple Computer
    Steve Wozniak invents Apple I.
  • First Portable Computer

    First Portable Computer
    The Osborne 1 was developed by Adam Osborne and had a modem.
  • Apple Ipad Released

    Apple Ipad Released
    The Apple Ipad was released. Hype all around the world.
  • Ipad 2 Released

    Ipad 2 Released
    Apple Ipad 2 is more lightweight and has more applications.