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Appeasing Hitler 1933-1939

  • Hitler Becomes Chancellor

    Hitler Becomes Chancellor
    Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
  • Hitler Rebuilds Military

    Hitler Rebuilds Military
    Hitler defies the Treaty of Versailles by building and Air Force, Navy, and beginning a military draft. Britain appeases Germany partly by allowing them to build a navy a third of the size of Britain's. This agreement breaks an agreement from the Treaty of Versailles.
  • Retaking of the Rhineland

    Retaking of the Rhineland
    The Rhineland is an area on the boarder of France and Germany. It was decided that this area was a demilitarized zone at the Paris peace conference. Hitler invaded the area even though it could have led to war with France. France would not take any action with out British support. Britain said it was Germany's "own backyard".
  • Austria Invasion

    Austria Invasion
    Hitler wanted to reunite all German speaking countries back with Germany. He demanded Nazi leaders be given powerful positions within the government. Austrian leader gave into Hitler, later pushing for the country to vote. Hitler responded by sending troops and forcing the uniting of Austria and Germany. France did protest this but they did not take any action.
  • The Munich Conference (Crisis)

    The Munich Conference (Crisis)
    Hitler wanted to take the Sudetenland which was a part of Czechoslovakia. The Czechs resisted Hitlers demands. France, Soviet Union, and Britain all threatened to fight. Representatives from Britain, France, Italy, and Hitler agreed to meet to determine what would happen. France and Britain gave into Hitler's demands to avoid war.
  • Hitler takes Danzig

    Hitler takes Danzig
    Hitler wanted the city of Danzig returned to Germany. He also demanded that a railroad and highway to and from Danzig to Germany be accessible. Hitler's latest demand led France and Britain to believe that war with Germany would come soon.
  • Division of Czechoslovakia

    Division of Czechoslovakia
    Agreements from the Munich Conference failed. Hitler sent his forces into Czechoslovakia and divided it. Slovakia fell under German control, and Czech was a German colony.
  • Poland Invasion Preparation

    Poland Invasion Preparation
    After demanding Danzig Hitler ordered his army to prepare to invade Poland. He did have concerns of taking on the entire continent of Europe and Russia simultaneously. He had his foreign minister start discussions with the USSR.
  • Hitler & Stalin Nonaggression Pact

    Hitler & Stalin Nonaggression Pact
    Hitler proposed and nonaggression treaty with Russia. Stalin did not want to get involved in a war and agreed to Hitlers treaty to keep his country out of a war. Now Hitler could fight France and Britain and not have to worry about Russia. France and Britain did not know they deal called for Poland to be split between the two countries.
  • German Invasion of Poland

    German Invasion of Poland
    Germany invaded Poland using blitzkrieg or "lightning war". They crushed to Polish who used soldiers on horseback verses German tanks. This started WWII with Britain and France declaring war two days later. This officially deemed appeasement and a failed experiment by France and Britain.