Apollo 11 Mission Timeline

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  • Apollo 11 Launch Day

  • 8:32:00 am EST

    8:32:00 am EST
    Apollo 11 lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center​. *Apollo 11 Launch*
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  • 11:16:16 am EST

    11:16:16 am EST
    The Apollo 11 crew performed the translunar injection, which sent them on the course for the Moon. *Representation of a traslunar injection*
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  • 12:21:50 pm EST

    12:21:50 pm EST
    The Apollo 11 spacecraft enters the lunar orbit insertion, or orbit around the Moon. *View of Earth from orbit prior to landing*
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  • 1:11:53 pm EST

    1:11:53 pm EST
    The CSM (Command/ Service Module) and LM (Lunar Module) separate in order for the LM to land on the Moon. The CSM's job (piloted by Michael Collins) in this stage was to orbit around the Moon and dock with the LM after it takes off from the Moon's surface. The LM had to get Neil Armstrong (Commander) and Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin (LM Pilot) to the lunar surface. *LM inspection after undocking*
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  • 3:17:40 pm EST

    3:17:40 pm EST
    The LM lands on the Moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin inside. *View from outside LM after landing*
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  • 9:39:33 pm EST

    9:39:33 pm EST
    The astronauts began the planned EVA (Extravehicular Activity), which had them leave the safety of the LM and step on the lunar surface. *Aldrin exits LM*
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  • 9:56:15 pm EST

    9:56:15 pm EST
    The first step is taken on the Moon by Neil Armstrong, and the famous words "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" were heard around the world. During the time after test and material collection was done. *Aldrin salutes American Flag*
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  • 12:54:01 pm EST

    12:54:01 pm EST
    The LM lifts off from the lunar surface. *LM ascent stage with Earth overhead*
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  • 4:34:00 pm EST

    4:34:00 pm EST
    The LM and CSM dock again before making the trip back to Earth. *LM approaches CSM for docking*
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  • 11:54:42 pm EST

    11:54:42 pm EST
    The docked spacecrafts enter the Transearth injection, which set them on the course for Earth. *View of the Moon during return trip*
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  • 11:50:35 am EST

    11:50:35 am EST
    The Apollo 11 spacecraft splashes down in the Pacific Ocean, completing the successful mission. *Apollo 11 splashdown*
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  • Mission Celebration

    Mission Celebration
    People around the world, as well as those in mission control, celebrate the successful Apollo mission. *Mission Control celebrates after splashdown*
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    Apollo 11 Lunar Mission