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Apartheid Era

  • Election of 1948

    Election of 1948
    There was a presidential election between Jan smuts and Daniel François Malan. This election involved many difrences in view of what should be done in South Africa. However in the end Malan won the election in run for president.
  • Apartheid legislation

    Apartheid legislation
    This legislation were a set of laws that were placed to execute the segregation of different races. The new laws forced Africans move away from whites and vice versa.These laws made it so that interracial marriages were illegal.
  • Resistance of Blacks

    Resistance of Blacks
    When World War 2 ended the Apartheid began putting their plans for Africa into effect. The Congress Youth League which consists of Peter Mda, Jordan Ngubane, Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, and Walter Sisulu weren't fond of this and began to revolt with strikes and boycotts.
  • ANC and PAC Violence

    ANC and PAC Violence
    In this event the ANC and The Pac began creating chaos since they were allowed legal existance in South Africa. ANc started targeting police stations and power plants. While the PAC began to murder African chiefs.
  • Consolidating

    In this event South Africa's urban areas began to divide into zones due to the Group areas Act. About 3.5 million blacks were moved from areas that were meant for whites and often times they'd have to be moved by forced due to the people revolting against this Act.
  • Steve Biko & SASO

    Steve Biko & SASO
    This event involved how Steve Biko and a group of black students formed an organization which helped stand up to the changes that were being brought upon them in the country. Steve and his partners created messages which showed anti-Apartheid politics so that the people in Africa could have their own choice of what they should do with their own lives.
  • Dividing Whites

    Dividing Whites
    Within this time the conflict that was currently happening with the political groups caused Hertzog and the HNP to become seperated from Vorster. The two groups argued that no agreement should be made on putting the apartheid plan into action while the Vorster thought that they should.
  • Soweto

    Throughtout this event A numerious amount of high school students marched in protest against having Afrikaan be used as the instructional language in South Africa.The police came to the scene with tear gas and then with gunfire they left at least three dead and twelve people injured.
  • The Scandal

    The Scandal
    In 1978 after the election Vos .a group of investigators found that Vorster had illegally used some of the government's money to temper with the media in South Africa and to try to purchase newspapers in another country. These event lead to Vorster having to resign his spot as prime minister and P.W. Botha took his position.
  • Apartheid's Contradictions

    Apartheid's Contradictions
    In this event the goverment began to make it so that African workers being poorly paid and were subjected to an huge number of restrictions that were placed upon them. There for the people were getting the proper things that they needed.
  • Limited Reform

    In this time their was a new constitution that was created in South africa created a constraint against a Africas. The constitution caused blacks to not be able to buy land. The new constitutiion reinforced the apartheid ideas.
  • Breaking Down Apartheid

    In 1990 the current president de Klerk said a speech on what apartheid's weren't doing correctly. Nelson Mandela was facing the apartheid's also by stading against what changes were being made in South Africa. In this time De Klerk and Mandela fought in order to bring even more south African people into politics. It also involved him removing the restrictions on many political organizations.
  • Quest for Peace

    De Klerk and Mandela tried to come to an agreement for when they could finally have a multiracial goverment. In May of that same year De Klerk also broke away from that European Community agreements and quickly removed their bans on investment and travel to South Africa.
  • Moving Torwards Democracy

    In 1992 De Klerk decided to target defenders of apartheid. He also trying to come to angreement with both the Africans and the apartheid groups. Since that didn't work he called for a referendum among voters to test out his mandate for change that needed to take place.
  • The election of Nelson Mandela

    In April 26 the election had taken place. After the numerous amounts of votes that were casted, Nelson Mandela was elected president by the National Assembly on May 9, 1994.