Prepap calc

AP Calculus Prep Journal

  • Polar Review

    Polar Review
    I think I finally undertsand Polar graphs and functions. The main point I need to remember is that I can always write them as parametric functions using x=f(theta)cos(theta) and y=f(theta)sin(theta). Points of intersection are a little strange, because the coordinates are not alwyas unique and you can have both collision and non-collision (same point but different theta values) points.
  • PolarReview Again

    PolarReview Again
    I am on target with polar functions. .....dasiudaiosudawoyudowyidoqwide
  • Watch videos from class

    Watch videos from class
    I found the videos very fascinating! They were very fun and educationalto watch.
  • May 4

    May 4
    The Big Day! I am ready to go. No game day jitterrs here!
  • Molly McGlone & Amal Malik

    Partial Derivatives
  • Justin Thau

    Partial Differentiation
  • Adam Byerly

    PArtial Derivatives
  • Simon T-L, Jay Simms, Nico Sarbanes

  • Chirstina Tsui, Alex Higgins, Sarah Hull

    Mulitple Integration
  • Julia Bader & Amelia Bateman

    Gottfried Leibniz
  • Billy Wu, Ben Towles, Ryan Kromsky

    Line and Surface Integrals
  • Annie Bishai & Kayla Muirhead

    Leonard Euler
  • Laura Greenbaum, Becky Regan, Lizzy Spencer

    Fibonacci Sequence
  • Molly Broom & Ellen Cesewski

    The Amazing Race
  • Austin Treece & Chad Wallace

    Hyperbolic Trig Functions
  • Mayank Bapna, Bradley Reahl, & Jibril Kedir

  • Tim Davidson, Erin Hullinger, Grace Blair

    Counting Cards
  • Elliot Evans & Caleb Rittler

    Multiple Integration
  • Doug Falatko, Bryce Manubay, & Zach Nusbaum

    Multiple Integration
  • Rafe Pegram & Josh Staples

    Jeopardy Review
  • Jann Grovogui, Brandon Gotwalt, James Ray