AP Calculus BC Review

By sbp010
  • Basic Integration

    Basic Integration
    Today I was reminded that I need to engrave those twenty basic integraton rules into my memory. I'm making flash cards tonight. U-Substitution wasn't a problem.
  • More integration

    More integration
    U-Sub with trig
    average value
    fundamental theorms of calculus
    Euler's Method
    Separating variables for integration
    Growth/Decay I basically understand the growth/decay thing, but I am a little shaky in understanding how you get to the p = M/(1+Ae^(-kt)) thing
  • Sequences and Series

    Sequences and Series
    Today we reviewed tests for convergence. I understand it, but need to look over the >,<,= 1 parts of the tests and what thy indicate.
  • Test

    Today we took a test. That was fun. No review today.
  • Series review

    Series review
    Today we did more series review. That was helpful.
  • Advanced integration

    Advanced integration
    Today we reviewed advanced Integration techniques. I needed to refresh my memory on integration by parts, but I get it now.
  • Practice AP MC

    Practice AP MC
    I think it went well. Either Mark or I could figure out everything.
  • Continue Practice MC

    Continue Practice MC
    Same as yesterday
  • Going over Practice Test

    Going over Practice Test
    I learned that I need to read problems and directions closely to avoid getting answers wrong that I know how to do.
  • Integration Applications

    Integration Applications
    I wasn't there for most of the class because the Jazz band played at the Towson Festival, but I think I have a good understanding of integration applications
  • Last Day

    Last Day
    Today, we went over some last minute question and calmed nerves.
  • AP Computer Science AP

    AP Computer Science AP
    I was not in class today because of an AP test, but I hear you took a walk.
  • The Big Game

    The Big Game
    I took the AP Test today. The free response was supprisingly easy, but the multiple choice was a bit harder.