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AP Calc Journal 2012

  • Integration Review Day 1

    Integration Review Day 1
    Reviewed basic integration
    -Limit Definition of Definite Integral
    -Basic Integration Techniques
    -Integrals I need to know cold
    -Reimann Sums
    -FTC, SFT
    -Area and relationship to integrals
    *Watch with Area if curve goes below x-axis
    *Limit Definition of Definite Integral (very important)
  • Differential Equations Review

    Differential Equations Review
    Reviewed DEs...
    -Seperate variable
    -Eulers Method
    *NO Bernoulli/FODE stuff
    *Watch rate of change/proportional to...
  • Sequence/Series Review

    Sequence/Series Review
    Reviewed basic sequence rules/patterns
    -finding sum, L'Hopital's Rule
    -finding nth term
    Reviewed basic series
    -relationship with sequences
    -basic series tests to know (nth term, p-series...)
    -Test Convergence/Divergence
    *Be able to pick most effective test to save time
    *nth term test for DIVERGENCE obly
  • Taylor/Maclaurin Polynomials and Series Review

    Taylor/Maclaurin Polynomials and Series Review
    Reviewed Taylor/Maclaurin polynomials
    -their purpose
    -error bound (La Grange)
    Reviewed Power Series
    -relationship to polynomials
    -how to find series, and ones to know cold
    -interval of convergence
    -endpoints, implications of specific series
    *Series is infintie sum of taylor polynomial
    *Don't forget to check endpoints
  • Period: to

    In Class Practice Test

    Partner class work...
    -entire AP exam
  • Advanced Integration Review

    Advanced Integration Review
    Review more advanced techniques of Integration
    -Know formulas, watch arc-trig
    -Partial Frac
    -Improper Integrals
    *If num greater or equal degree to denom, divide and solve
  • Integration Applications

    Integration Applications
    Reviewed integration applications...
    -volume (Disc/Washer and Shell)
    -area (x and y forms)
    -known Cross-sections
    -other applications of integration in math
    *Watch to change x to y if using horizontal rectangles
    *Draw diagrams!
  • Final In-Class Review Day

    Final In-Class Review Day
    Reviewed practice test and recieved take home tests back...
    -remember to watch units on functions that you inegrate
    -if integral = infinity, its reimann sum approx DNE
    -good review, watch limit defn of definite integral
  • Period: to

    Final at HOME Review

    Reviewed major concepts and areas that cause problems...
    -watch +C
    -dont forget to test E.P
    -power series of lnx and ln(x+1)
  • Walk About and Final Review

    Walk About and Final Review
    Readied our minds for the coming of the AP Test!!
    (or took another AP Test, namely spanish)
  • GAME DAY!!!!

    GAME DAY!!!!
    Test went well...
    -felt easier than practice exam
    -lots of reimann sums and approximation questions
    -looking forward to getting results back