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Antislavery Movements

  • Underground railroad

    Many of you might have already heard about it but it was one of the many places that the slaves used to run away.
  • Period: to

    Free African City

    The leader of the town wanted freed slaves to live their lives their way.
  • The Slaves Speak

    The Slaves Speak
    Two free African Americans told a newspaper that was called Freedom's Journal what they had to go do and how they were beat if they didn't do what they were told or if it was wrong.
  • The Liberator

    The Liberator
    The Liberator was a newspaper in Boston and the main topic in the newspaper was slavery.
  • The Fight Expands

    At this time 63 delegates from 11 states and begain to help the Abolitionist leaders
  • Enslave people

    Enslave people
    Nearly 2.5 million enslaved black people lived in the south. The reason there where so many enslaved blacks in the south was because they used them to get the crops and plant them.
  • Angelina and Sarah Grimke Acts Along with Elijah Lovejoy

    Angelina and Sarah Grimke went to Philadelphia to speak out on what they belived in. Elijah Lovejoy campaiged to abloition slavery in the west.
  • Harriet Tubman

    Harriet Tubman
    She became the most famous African American conductor in the Underground railroad.