Antisemitism - Caden Mrkva

  • 753 BCE

    The Romans

    Romans are known for conquering the Jews, which eventually turned into the Romans wanting to convert Jews to the Roman way of life, however the Jews promptly refused. This struck the Romans as the Jews being stubborn and led to the start of anti-Judaism, tending to be incredibly harsh on the Jews.
  • 1500

    The Workers of the Devil (1500's)

    It became quite common that Jews were referred to as the workers of the devil, as well as accusations that they were responsible for the Plague and the deaths of so many people during this time. Jews have always been a target for blame over sicknesses and just about any other negative things that may befall a community.
  • The "Beginning of Antisemitism" (1700's)

    Jews were becoming increasingly discriminated upon during this time due to them not being part of the Aryans, which was commonly labeled the "master race" during this time. They continued to be discriminated upon for many years on over their race, beliefs, and opinions.
  • World War II, the Nazis, and Hitler Himself

    When Hitler had been elected as the Chancellor of Germany, laws had been put against the already incredibly discriminated Jewish race, preventing them from engaging in most if not all of their normal daily activities. This had then escalated to Jews being taken, imprisoned, and most of the time sent to concentration camps where millions of the Jewish race were killed by gas, slaughter, and burning, all under Hitler's command. This added up to a body count of nearly six million Jews in this time.