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  • 1 CE


    First centenary split between Christians/Jews as the Jews were seen as different.
  • 16


    Totally isolated from the Christians.
  • 19

    No worshiping

    Jews refused to worship the Roman Gods as they were seen as stubborn and also were seen as hostile.
  • Race

    Race, nationality vs genetic heritage, 1700-1800. Christians were seen higher than the Jews. The Jews were targeted because of their race and religion.
  • More Alike than Different

    The Jews were seen as a lower race compared to Aryans even though they were remotely the same.
  • Testing

    They did testings on Aryan and Jewish children just to come to the conclusion that there isn't much of a difference.
  • Racism

    It was seen to be fine to be racist to others.
  • No Representation

    During this period of time 1919-1933 there were only four Jewish people in the government due to the fact that they were less superior. The Germans made the claim that there were too many Jews were working.
  • The Beginning of the Holocaust

    The beginning of the Holocaust began in 1933 and the Holocaust resulted in millions of lives being took until 1945 when it ended and Hitler becomes the Prime Minister.
  • Tragedy Strikes

    Hitler was still in ruling and at this point of time Jews had began being killed and etc.
  • It Worsens

    It was at a time and space where the Jews were either being killed or sent to a camp where the majority of them did die.
  • Death

    12,000 Jews are being shipped out to their death.
  • The End

    The Holocaust has ended and many are dead.