anti semitism

  • 1983

    Pope John Paul II met today with a group of American Jewish leaders and afterward issued a ringing condemnation of anti-Semitism, which he called ''incompatible with Christ's teaching.''
  • anti semitism questioned by catholics

    Among the many Catholic leaders we met, we found a highly educated group, alert to and sensitive about anti-Semitic developments. Mr. Zalewski spoke with us at length in Warsaw, making clear his unequivocal opposition to anti-Semitism in any form. His criticism of intellectuals in key governmental positions must be viewed in light of the Polish trade union movement position, on the outside looking in.
  • jewish identity

    anti-Semitism is more a threat to Jewish identity in America than intermarriage and believe recalling the Holocaust is key to being a Jew, according to the American Jewish Committee's annual study.
  • anti semitism at college campus

    Minnesota's second-largest university, St. Cloud State University, is embroiled in a bitter controversy over allegations by Jewish professors that some gentile faculty members and administrators have engaged in systematic anti-Semitism and have retaliated against those who have complained about discrimination.
  • anti semitism rising

    Anecdotal evidence indicates that such incidents are on the rise across the country. In Westchester County, N.Y., for example, there were 26 anti-Semitic incidents last year, up from seven in 2002. Members of the West Virginia-based National Alliance have become active in the Pacific Northwest, leafleting in many communities and showing up at antiwar rallies with signs saying "No More Wars for Israel." Later this month, the National Socialist Movement (which traces its roots to the American Naz