Anthony revolutionary war time line

  • Boston tea party

    the boston tea party was a huge contribution to the revolutionary ideology of the day. it was a display of the anger towards all those taxes that were smothering the people who just wanted to live their lives and be free.
  • lexington and concord

    Americans -93, British-300, Americans have raised arms against the british for their sickening actions . the british try to crush the rebellion.this is the first battle of the revolution.
  • george washington is announced commander in chief

    george washington is chosen as the best suited to lead the army in rebellion.
  • Battle of bunker hill.

    This is the first british invasion of america. it is also the first british victory. even though the british lose over a thousand troops compared to americas 450 losses. this marks the beginning of washingtons many retreats.
  • common sene

    thomas paine has just published a pamphlet dealing with all the reasons for men to stand up for their rights and fight for liberty
  • the declaration

    the declaration of independence is what told "we will not take this any more." its words will not be forgotten, and are a symbol of the liberties they obtained, the liberties we do not have, god given rights which could not be violated.
  • crossing the deleware

    the continental army crosses the deleware in the darkness the night before the battle of trenton.
  • Trenton

    The battle of trenton was a huge moral booster. george washington perfectly flanked the hessians and took trenton, new jersey.Though today new jersey is just a trash bin, back then it was important.this battle also helped washington ease his nerves.
  • articles of confederation adopted

    the articles of confederation held the states together. it was the best document we had at the time, and in m opinion the best document overall.
  • french alliance

    the americans needed the french. without the assistence of the frenc, america would have lost the war. the french supplied arms, men, and navy.
  • the loss of savannah

    col. campbell of the british regulars commands an invasion of savannah georgia. howe is flanked and forced to retreat.
  • spanish declare war

    the spanish too declare war o britain to defend their colonies.
  • capture of the sarapis

    john paul jones becomes a pioneer. john actually takes a vessle,sails to england, and captures ships and fires at forts. he is one of the first naval hero of america.
  • waxhaws massacre

    at the battle of waxhaws, the americans realized that they were beaten. despite their surrender, the dragoons slaughtered the armsless captives.
  • kings mountain

    the battle of kings mountain changed the coarse of american history. at this battle, the backwoods rebels responded to a threat by patrick furguson to lay waste to their homes with fire and sword.the rbels marched to kings mountain, won a glorious battle with guerilla tactics, and burried major fuguson on the mountain.
  • cowpens.

    daniel morgan uses a combination of militia, continentals, and topography to defeat tarleton. this battle is a result of king's mountain.
  • guilfort couthouse

    nathanial greene and cornwallis raced through the carolinas toward virginia. the two armies confronted at guilfort courthouse, where the british force of near 1400 went up against 4000 patriots. the british faught of the patriots but at damning cost. for this loss costs them victory.
  • Period: to

    siege of yorktown

    the siege of yorktown was the official endgame battle. the americans held the british at yoktown while the frnch barracaded them from escape back to britain. lord cornwallis surrendered his sword and disapeared.
  • the constitution.

    the constitution is the most iconic american document to date. it is the document stating the structure of the ideal american government.