• Anna Garcia's Birth

    Anna Garcia's Birth
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    Anna Garcia's Timeline

    A Chain of events leading up to Anna Garcia's death.
  • Anna Taken to Hospital at 14 months old

    Anna Taken to Hospital at 14 months old
    Anna is brought in to the hospital for a fever, being extremely lethargic, expieriencing breathing problems, and appearing to be in a lot of pain. After running CBC, Hematocrit, Blood Oxygen, CT scan, and Sickle Cell tests they diagnosed Anna with Sickle Cell Anemia and splenic sequestration. Was prescribed pain meds and antibiotics. Also is going to have to have inravenous hydration and red blood cell transfusion.
  • Anna Admitted into Hospital at age 10

    Anna Admitted into Hospital at age 10
    Anna was admitted into the hospital due to deep chest pain and extreme leg pain. The chest pain making it extremely difficult to breathe. Anna says the pain in her leg gets a 10 out of 10 on the pain scale. She was also running a fever. She also had a Transcranial Doppler done.
  • Anna Garcia age 14 Diagnosis

    Anna Garcia age 14 Diagnosis
    Anna Garcia at the age of 14 is diagnosed with Type I Diabetes after complaing of excessive urination, unquenchable thurst, fatigue, and decresed physical activity. She was prescribed diabetes medication as well as insulin shots. She has also been informed that she is going to need to monitor her blood sugar going forward.
  • Symptoms Relevant to Death

    Symptoms Relevant to Death
    Over the years Anna Garcia has expierienced many different symptoms. Here are some of the symptoms that related specifically to her death.
    1. Fatigue & Lack of Energy
    2. Kussmal Breathing
    3. Confusion
    4. Frequent Urination
    5. Nausea
    5. Extreme Thirst
  • Symptoms Continued

    Symptoms Continued
    The Fatigue and lack of energy would have been due to her body not being able to break down all the glucose she was eating since she was not properly taking her insulin shots and following her diet. Since there was not any "good" insulin in her body the cells could not be opened to consume the glucose.
    The Kussmal breathing would have been due to the fact that the ketones in her blood stream were taking up too much space which would have caused her body to try to rapidly breathe off the ketones.
  • Symptoms Continued

    Symptoms Continued
    Confusion: Anna would have been expieriencing confusion due to the ketone rich blood, rather than oxygen rich blood, being brought up to the brain. It also does not help that Anna also had Sickle cell which would have made the blood difficult already throughout the body.
    The nausea and excessive urination would have both been due to her body trying to detox itself by flushing fluids. This explains why vomit was found at the scene.
  • Factors Contributing to Anna's Death

    Factors Contributing to Anna's Death
    Some factors that led to Anna's death are her not following her diet, not complying with her insulin shots, her busy lifestyle, the fact that she owns a bakery, and her unstable relationship with her husband.
    The bakery, diet, and busy lifestyle factors all would have influenced anna to eat poorly which in return would not have helped with her diabetes.
    Anna's relationship with her husband and busy lifestyle would have influenced her to not take her insulin shots reutinely.
  • Disease Risk Factors

    Disease Risk Factors
  • Disease Risk Factors Cont.

    Disease Risk Factors Cont.
  • Long and Short Term Prevention *Other prevention is scattered throughout the timeline

    Long and Short Term Prevention *Other prevention is scattered throughout the timeline
    Anna Garcia over the years had to have prevention put in place. Here they are:
    1. Healthy Diet for sickle cell anemia, heart disease, and her diabetes.
    2. Insulin shots for her diabetes so her body can still consume and create energy from the glucose.
    3. Antibiotics were prescribed when needed to help boost her immune system in times of sickle cell crisis.
    4. Pain medication and blood thinners were prescribed to help with the heart disease and the sickle cell anemia.
  • Cardiac Work-up

    Cardiac Work-up
    Anna Garcia is sent for a cardiac work up. She is found to have tachycardia, high blood pressure, a slight heart murmur, a blockage in her left anterior descending coronary artery, as well as a slightly enlarged left ventricle and slight mitral valve regurgitation. During the stress test Anna Garcia complained of chest pain, had high blood pressure (190/110), and expireienced a few premature ventricular contractions. They decided she would need a pacemaker as well as an angioplasty.
  • Blood Work

    Blood Work
    Anna Garcia was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome after discovering she had deadly high total cholesterol, high LDL, and a high fasting blood sugar as well as hypertension.
  • Hospital Admission Age 38

    Hospital Admission Age 38
    Anna was admitted into the hospital for extreme pain associated with sickle cell crisis. Because of her extreme pain she was confined to her bed and given a catheter. This catheter wound up giving her a UTI. So she was administered pain medication for the sickle cell crisis and antibiotics for the UTI.
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    Anna Garcia's Diet

    As talked about earlier Anna Garcia had to have a strict diet due to her many conditions. After reading 3 days worth of entries, of which led up to her death, in her food diary it is clear that Anna has not been compliant. She has been eating foods high in sugar and carbohydrates, which for her could be very dangerous due to her Type-I diabetes.
  • Anna Garcia's Death

    Anna Garcia's Death
    After police recieved a call reporting some worry of their neighbor the police decided to investigate. When they arrived, they found Anna Garcia face down in the entry hallway; dead. Anna Garcia had died from Ketoacidosis induced brain swelling. The brain swelling caused too much confusion which rendered her helpless when trying to give herself insulin.