Animal Poaching

  • The First Laws

    The First Laws
    The first law to
    prohibit animal
    cruelty went in to
    effect in Ireland. The
    law prohibited
    working horses by
    their tails and pulling,
    rather than sheering,
    wool off live sheep.
    This law was the first
    step against animal
  • Lacey Act

    Lacey Act
    The Lacey Act went into effect in the U.S. to protect both plants and wildlife by creating civil and criminal penalties for a wide array of violations. Most notably, the Act prohibits trade in wildlife, fish, and plants that have been illegally taken, possessed, transported or sold. The Act underscores other federal, state, and foreign laws protecting wildlife by making it a separate offense to take, possess, transport, or sell wildlife that has been taken in violation of those laws.
  • Initiation Killings

    May 22, young Maasia
    warriors kill lions “to
    prove themselves as
    men”. The killings are
    a coming effect. Word
    spreads and soon
    young men of local
    communities want
    to prove theirselves as
    well. The killings effect
    the lion population
    and can leave prides
    in ruins.
  • Endangered Species act

    Endangered Species act
    February 25, three
    African nations
    where the world’s
    last 720 mountain
    gorillas are working
    together to save the
    critically endangered
    animal. The Dutch
    gov. will dish out 6.1
    million to support
    the nations working
  • Change of Heart

    Change of Heart
    Octover 11, a group
    of Masai warriors in
    Kenya turned from
    hunting lions to
    protecting them as a
    part of a unique wild
    life project. Amy
    Howard from “Living
    With Lions” says the
    support from the
    Masia warriors has
    been invaluable.
  • Saving the Rhinos

    Saving the Rhinos
    The South African
    government has
    announced its plan is
    to send out hundreds
    of extra troops along
    its borders to lend a
    hand against Rhino horn
    smugglers. According
    to justice minister
    Jeff Rodebe, 4
    military companies
    are being deployed
    the borders.
  • Caught in the Act

    Caught in the Act
    February 1, three
    Mozambicans have
    been sentenced to
    25 years each in a
    South African court
    for Rhino poaching.
    They were caught
    with 2 freshly
    chopped Rhino
    horns, an assault
    rifle, a hunting rifel
    and an axe.
  • Poaching Massacres

    Poaching Massacres
    March 15, half the
    elephants in
    Cameroon’s Bouba
    N’Djida reserve were
    slaughtered because
    the nation had too
    few security to fend
    off poachers. This is
    one of the worst
    poaching massacres
    in decades by
    poachers from Sudan
    and Chad.
  • Initiation gone wrong

    Initiation gone wrong
    April 11, Ten warriors
    struck the Oloolo
    pride when all the
    game drive vehicles
    left the area. One
    female was killed by
    two spear wounds,
    and a leg and tail
    were cut off for their
    initiation ceremony.
    The lion was killed as
    revenge for lost
    livestock and initiation.
  • Smugglers against the Elephants

    Smugglers against the Elephants
    April 24, helicopters
    raided Kinsha
    Sa/Krugar National
    Park and lay waste to
    22 elephants. This
    was one of the worst
    killings in the DRC.
    After the killing, the
    poachers went down
    to collect and
    smuggle their booty
    across the border.
  • Conservation Failing

    Conservation Failing
    May 6, Conservation
    efforts to save rhinos
    are coming undone.
    In 2007, 13 rhinos
    were poached. Last
    year the number hit
    448 and more than
    200 this year. The S.A.
    Rhino management
    group worries that if
    trends continue, the
    number of deaths will
    outstrip births.