Angel island

  • 1775

    The m.iwok`s resided on the land for thousands of years before the spanish laid claim to the island in 1775
  • sep12,1863,sun

    The united states took possession of Angel island as a military statio by companyB,Third Artillery, under the command of Lieutenant JohnL.Tierson,who Landed with his company on the western extremity of the island.
  • 1775

    Angel island`s rich history dates to a time when the miwok Native American tribes inhabited what is now marin country.
  • 1910

    In 1910,us authorities set up an immigrant detention center on Angel Island in san Francisco Bay to examine chinese and other Asians seeking to enter the united states.
  • 1940

    The united states abandoned the detention center on Angel island in 1940,when "Chinese Exclusion Acts" were repealed and a fire destroyed the administration building.
  • 1940

    A museum has been established in the an old detention center,so visitors can see what life was.
  • 1814

    In 1814 the British,26-gun, sloop of war, the Hms Raccoon,was damaged off the coast.
  • 1814

    Angel island california state park in San- Francisco Bay.Ref.California state parks Angel island.
  • mar26,1886

    The Alcatraz cable was for one the third time broken by an anchor,making it evidnt that a direct cable between Alcutraz and the mainland cannot be maintained.
  • mar11,1900

    Angel island,completed examination specimens dead chinese demonstartes plague,no further history obtainable,Board health with Gassaway had a meeting on 1900.
  • oct12,2008

    on october 12,2008,Angel island was ravaged by a wildfire.In just 2 days,303 acres went up in smoke By Devon Douglass.