andrew jackson

  • jacksons birth

    jacksons birth
    Jackosn was the 7th president of the united states. When he was born is was close to the colonal era.
  • jackson enlists in revolutionary army

    jackson enlists in revolutionary army
    Jackson jointed the army at the age of 13. He did it with his brother robert whosadly latered died.
  • battle of horseshoe bemd

    battle of horseshoe bemd
    This battle accured during war of 1812 on mississsppi terriotory. Ended with jackson forcing them to sign the treaty of fort jackosn.
  • battle of new orleans

    battle of new orleans
    The poeple involved with this bloddy war was the united states of america, the united kingdom, and indigenous people of the north. This battle was during the american civi war.
  • election of 1824

    election of 1824
    The election of 1824 involved the calaspe of the democratic-republic framework of there political veiws. It was the president election for john adams.
  • election of 1828

    election of 1828
    It was a election withg a rematch of john adams and andrew jackson. Andrew jackson won because he wanted the states to have more power than the gov. and back then it was a big deal because england lead them as a dictator.
  • indian removal act

    indian removal act
    It was a act passed by congress, during andrew jackosns presdency. For ancestral homes, the indians could not go south near the mississppi river.
  • worcester v. ga

    worcester v. ga
    The people involved in this event were sameul worchester and geogia. It was a supreme court case.
  • bank war

    bank war
    People were fighting over having another us bank. They said that it was non consistutional so they shouldnt do it.
  • nullification crisis

    nullification crisis
    This event took place somewhere in the middle of jacksons presidency. The people involved were the fedreal gov. and south carolina.