Ancient Chinese Inventions

  • 221,265 BCE

    Wheel barrow

    The wheel barrow enabled a single person to carry a heavy ipoad and was called the wooden ox
  • 1600 BCE


    The first writing on oracle bones dates back to 1600BC
  • 100

    The first book

    The first books were made on bamboo stick and date back to the Shang dynasty
  • 100

    The first magnet compass

    The first magnet compass was made in China probably in 100AD using a load stone. Some historians however believe Chinese compasses may date back to the Han dynasty
  • 105

    Paper making

    Paper making was perfected
  • 130

    The first seismograph

    The first seismograph( for measuring the strength of earth quakes) was invented
  • 900

    Gun powder

    Gun powder was first used from fire works and was invented
  • 1026

    Acupunture statuettes

    Acupunture statuettes showing all the needle points in human body were first produced in AD1026. The same statues still used today
  • 1100

    Worlds first paper money

    The worlds first paper money was produced by the chinese
  • Kites

    Kites became a favorite pass time in China in the AD 1600(during Ching dynasty)