Ancient China!

By dommy s
  • 710

    Capital of Japan Created

    The first capital of Japan is created in the city of Nara.
  • Period: 710 to 794

    Nara period

  • 794

    Capital of Japan is Changed

    Emperor Kammu orders the capital to changed to Hein-Kyo which is the modern day Kyoto. It stays like this for the next 1000 years.
  • Period: 794 to 1185

    Heian Period

  • 1185

    Minamoto clan takes power

    Minamoto clan seizes power and create a 'new capital city' Kamakura, and a series of shoguns rule for the next 700 years.
  • Period: 1185 to 1333

    Kamakura Period

  • 1274

    Mongol army attack #1

    The Mongal army attack and land on the island of Kyushu, only to fail.
  • 1281

    Mongol Army Attacks Again

    The Mongol army attacks a second time on Japan, landing on the island of Kyushu. It failed again.
  • 1333

    No more Shoguns

    Emperor Go-Daigo takes back from the Shogun period and is leader for a brief time.
  • 1337

    Shoguns are back

    Ashikaga Takauji seizes power and becomes the new Shogun.
  • Period: 1337 to 1573

    Muromachi Period

  • 1467

    Civil War

    A period of Civil war lasts about 100 years, begins in Japan against Warlords.
  • Period: 1573 to

    Azuchi-Momoyama Period

  • First English Man to Step foot in Japan!

    William Adams becomes the first Englishman to visit Japan. He becomes friends with Tokugawa Leyasu ( a future shogun ) and becomes a key adviser to him.
  • Tokugawa Leyasu becomes Shogun

    Tokugawa Leyasu becomes Shogun and establishes a base in Edo (JAPAN!!) and the Shogunate rules for the next 260 years.
  • Period: to

    Tokugawa or Edu Period

  • New Policy of leaving the Country

    Tokugawa introduces a new policy as Sakoku which means no one can enter or leave Japan. This stays as this rule until around 1853.
  • new policy

    A policy introduced to reduce the logging of trees.
  • TImber Harvesting reduced

    Timber harvesting in Japan reduced by 60 percent to let forests recover.
  • Open Borders?

    US Naval Traveller officer arrives in Japan to persuade the Japanese to open their borders to trade.
  • Open Borders!

    The Japanese put an end to the sakoku and open their borders to trade with the US.
  • Last Shogun

    Tokugawa Yoshinobu steps down and hands the power back to the Family of Emperor Meiji.