An Innocent, A Broad, Ann Leary, Nonfiction, 241

  • 1-50

    Learn about the characters- Ann-nice, nervous but very excited to have a baby, loving,
    Denis-comedian, nice, excited to have a baby
    Denis and Ann were going on vacation to london before having their first child. Denis had a comedy show. Ann was only 6 moths pregnant when the day after they got there. They were going on a walk through the park when Ann's water broke. They rushed to the hospital! They decided if she had the baby or not they were going to be in London for a while.
  • 50-100

    Ann learned what a midwife is-a lady who helps with the birthing process. They are usually lesbians since they have to look in their knickers and such. She and the girl in the room next door share a midwife. Lady in the room next to her has her baby. She is so happy and they talk about childbirthing and such. Ann reads "what to expect when you're expecting" and learns a lot. She feels much more comfortable about having a child.
  • 100-150

    She has her baby (goes very in depth). He (Jack) is put into a premature unit to give him the nutrients he needs. Ann's parents and sister come into London to help. Denis had to leave. She got a lttle apartment while Jack had to stay in the hospital. She would spend most of her time there every day. One day she went in and Jack was surrounded by doctors and the nurses wouldn't let her in. She made so many friends with the nurses, learning about their boyfriends, husbands, kids, families.
  • 150-200

    Ann got to know all of the babies and parents in Jack's unit, why and how they got there. A news station wanted to interview Ann for their show on if 28 week old babies should be able ot be abortioned. Jack was 28 weeks old when he was born. News reporter Jo wss very nice and they became close friends. She was invited over to her house with her husband and they went out to lunch quite often.
  • 200-236

    Denis showed up a day early and they were getting ready to go home back to Boston when one of the doctors told them that they weren't allowed to take him on an airplane so they had to make different plans. They took a train. They got back to their house and Jack was growing up great and Denis was famous.