Amy winehouse

amy winehouse

  • was born

    was born
    was born in london 14 september of 1983
  • debut

    In 2003 Winehouse released her debut album, Frank.
  • back to black

    back to black
    Her second studio album, Back to Black, was published in 2006
  • Grammy Awards

    the singer got six nominations for the album Back To Black at the Grammy Awards, of which has won five.
  • the best

    the best
    In February 2007, she won the BRIT Award for Best British Artist. He also won a World Music Award and three Ivor Novello Awards.
  • problems

    had legal problems with drugs, alcohol and self-esteem
  • dead

    She was found dead in his apartment on July 23, 2011 at 27 years of age, because of their addiction.
  • mtv the rewards

    In 2012, Winehouse was listed at number 26 on the list of "100 Greatest Women in Music" mtv channel VH1.