• French & Indian war of

    The French & Indian War was a war that was between the french and Great Brtian.The French were allies with the indians and the king want to kept on the indians good side.The king set up to where the settlers couldint go over to the west side of the mountain.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    the proclamation of 1763 was to kept the settlers freom going over to the west side of the moutians.Also to keep the indians on their good side.
  • Stamp Act

    the Stamp Act was to pay for the taxes with every single of paper that people used even to play cards they had to pay for it.
  • Sons & Dughters of liberty

    The daughters of liberty was a peaceful type and kind and called themesevles the daughters of liberty.The sons of liberty was cruel and violent and really scared a lot of people.
  • Stamp Act Congress

    The stamp act congress was a meeting to see new laws for the british and create new taxes for the british.
  • Tea Act

    The tea act was to help was to help the company of egland to pay for the taxes.Also that it was to dump the tea over the ship into the water.And it was not an act.
  • Tea Parties

    the parties helped the british bto pay for the taxes and for the boycoots.
  • intoerable Acts

    the inloerable was to help pay for all the army stuff. Also that it was to help for the taxes.
  • first continental congress

    it was to help with the taxes and an meeting for the laws.
  • lexington & concord

    iyt was a meeting to help find out what was to find out what they where going to do.
  • second continetal congress