american revulation

By filem
  • Stamp Act

    Colonists had to pay tax on each peice of paper. "The Spy Who Saw It All."pg. 9
  • The Boson Massacare

    England soliders fired upon the colonists and killed three of them. "The Spy Who Saw It All." pg.11
  • The Boston Tea Party

    Angry Colonists Through Tea Into The Boston Harbor. "The Spy Who Saw It All." pg. 12
  • The Midnight ride of Paul Revere

    Revere's spies learned that the king wanted John Hanncock and Samuel Adams Arrested for Treason. "The Spy Who Saw It All." pg15
  • Roared to Charlestown shore

    Rode Past The Somerset British Ship To Get To Charlestown Shore. " Paul Revere's Ride." pg 303
  • Revere's friend climbs the Old North Church tower

    Revere's Friend Climbs The Old North Church Tower To Hang Two Lanterns To let Revere Know that The British are coming by sea. " Paul Revere's Ride." pg304
  • Revere's Ride To Tell

    He went out to Lexington and informed Mr. Samuel Adams and Hon. John hannock Esqr. that there was troops marching to the river to get picked up by the boats. " The Deposition: Draft." pg 311
  • Revere gets caught

    He was captured by the British and they threatend to blow his brains out. "Paul Revere's Ride." pg311
  • The shot heard around the world

    A British solider fired a shot toward the Minute Men and this was the first shots of the Revolutionary War. "The Deposition: Draft." pg 313