American Revoultion

By mshort
  • Stamp Act

    Colonists had to pay taxes for each piece of paper.
    "The Spy Who Saw It All" Page 9
  • Boston Massacre

    "on the night of march 5th, people ran to the streets to see the wouned and dead from the Boston Massacre" the spy who saw it all
    page 11
  • The Boston Tea Party

    England repealed the stamp act in response of the taxes, the Sons of Liberty planned the Boston Tea Party
    The Spy Who Saw It All
    page 12
  • paul revere was captured by the british

    "british soliders on horse back, rode up to me and ordered me to dismount." The deposition: draft page 312
  • Climbed on the church

    "He climbed the tower of the old north church, by the wooden stairs, to the belfry tower." Paul Revere's ride page (304)
  • In Medford Town

    Paul croosed the bridge into Medford town. It was tweleve by the village clock.
  • rode into Lexington

    Paul Revere rode into Lexington and saw the gilded weathercrock.
    Paul Revere's ride page (305)
  • Paul Revere see's the lights

    "A glimmer of light he sprung to his saddle, the bridle he turns, but lingers and gazes, till full on his sight A second lamp in the belry burns." paul reveres ride page (305)
  • Paul Revere travels to lexington

    "Paul Revere rides to lexington to inform Mr. Samuel Adams"
    the deposition draft page (311)