American revolution Wilhelm

  • french and indian war

    the french and indain war was between the english and french. this led to great debt and thats why the king and parliament taxed the colonies.
  • proclamation of 1763

    The proclamtation of 1763 was put in to keep the colonist from going west of the appalachian mountain.This was put in to keep the peace with the Native Americans .
  • stamp act

    The stamp act was put in place to get great britain out of debt from the french and indain war. The colonist boycotted this tax and was later repealed by parliament
  • stamp act congress

    The stamp act congress was put in place to boycott the stamp act and the taxes.
  • sons and daughters of liberty

    the sons and daughters of liberty were the people who organized, enfored, and did the boycotts the daughter created the spinning bee and the sons used violence.
  • tea act

    the tea act was put in to make the tea cheaper because the east indian company was going bankrupt and england help them by saying they could have a direct trade with the colonies becasue they were boycotting all british goods
  • boston tea party

    the boston tea party was one of the colonists boycotts. they put the tea into the boston harbor.
  • intolerable acts

    the intolerable acts were a result of the tea parties and that shut down the entire new england colony making them lose money and going bankrupt
  • first contintenal congress

    the first conintenal congress was a group of colonists that saw what was happening in the north and decided to do something about it
  • charles town tea party

    the charles town tea party was also on the colonists boycotts and they just locked the tea in warehouses
  • lexinton and concord

    lexington and concord were where the first shot of hte american revolution were fired and part of the american revolution took place
  • second continental congress

    the second conintenal congress was the froup that wrote the declaration o findependence nad fought the war