American Revolution War: K.pechuritsaper4

  • Introduction

    the colonies were experiencing a lot of trouble because of unfair taxation lack of representation in the british Parlament and the restrictio of colonial freedoms
  • First Continental congress

    The situation grew worse when the king deckared the colone of Massachusetts to be in open Rebellin, very soon later soldiers were ordered to american weapons and gunpowder
  • Lexington and Concord^ Outbreak of the Revolutinary War

    Outbreak of the rovolutionry war lexington and Concord that day redcoats were coming to search for weapons minutemen conronted them in a fight 250 British soldiers and 90 American we killed
  • Second Continental Congress

    Representatives from 13 colonies formed 2nd Continental congress, which served as an emergency government throughot the war/The was spread as American fighters in the colony of new yourk captured fort ticonderoga and armed militias positiontook up in the hills areund Boston
  • the Battle of Bunker Hill

    The Battle of Bunker Hill was the 2nd bloodiest battle of the revolutionnary was British were trying to Concor Hills around Boston and they managed to win the bloody Battle of Bunker Hill Washington was appointes as the commander and chief
  • Wachington Takes Command is Boston

    A month after American defeat at Bunker Hill, generall Washington took command of the militias around Boston in Winter. American troops inveded British, Canada but were defeated Americans brought cannons and took controll of the city
  • The Declaratin of Independence

    Thomas Jeffersonand other members of special congressioal committee wrote the Declaration of Independence and on July 4, it was presented to Congress. Theywrote that all men are born with certain rights and are created eqal
  • War in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

    War in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in July 1776 British throops took control of Mew York, Wachington won important battles at Trenton and Princeton. The American defeated the British by Saratoga it was important because frabce entered the war on the side of the U.S.
  • The Campaign in the Southern Srares

    In winter 177 Washington set up his winter encampment at valley forge where German officer Baron Von Stueben and trained the Amdrican troops until they became a much more disciplened fighting force
  • The Last Battle of the Revolutionary War

    In 1778 British abandonedPhiladelphia and seized Savannah,GA and soon took control of the whole state.Yourktown VA. The lasr battle of the revolutionary war. American and French troops Defeated the Britich by Yourktown and Lateer surrended