American Revolution Starling

  • French & Indian War

    A war between the French and their Indian allies against the British
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Acts stating the colonists could not settle west of the Appilachians
  • Stamp Act

    This was a tax on any paper items. All official documents required a British stamp on them.
  • Sons/Daughters of Liberty

    The Sons and Daughters of liberty orgainzed many boycotts and the sons did the Boston and Charles Town tea parties
  • Stamp Act Congress

    Colonists met to discuss the Stamp Act
  • Tea Act

    The Tea Act ensured that the East India Tea Company was the monopoly on tea and with a cheap price to deter the colonists from boycotting their goods
  • Boston Tea Party

    The Sons of Liberty dumped Tea in the Boston harbor
  • Intolerable Acts

    Taxes on several items were given to colonists such as:
    Quebec Act
    Quartering Act
    Massacusetts Bay Regulating Act
    Boston Port Act
    And the Impartial Administration of Justice Act
  • 1st Continental Congress

    Colonists came to discuss American Liberty
  • Charles Town Tea Party

    Similar to the Boston Tea Party, Sons of Liberty dumped East India tea into the harbor
  • Lexington & Concord

    The first battles of the American Revolution
  • 2nd Continental Congress

    The Second Congress was during the war, but colonists discussed the same ideas of Liberty
  • Common Sense

    A book by Thomas Payne
  • Declaration Of Independance