American Revolution Singletary

  • french and Indian war

    was when the french and british got in to an war for the most powerful country
  • Proclamation of 1763

    was when the kind didnt want the colonist to go pass the west of the appalachian mountain to keep the indians happy for trade
  • Stamp Act

    when the colonist had to pay tax on every legal document for a stamp and they were not happy about this
  • sos and daughters of liberty

    baoycotted british goods and tried to get the taxes repealed
  • Stamp Act congess

  • Tea Act

    when the east india company sent tea directly to the colonies instead of britain .
  • Boston tea parties

    when colonist dumped tea in the harbor to show that they didnt like the tea tax
  • First continintal congress

  • charels town

  • Lexington & concord

  • Second continintal congress

  • Comon sense

  • Decleration of independance

    when some officals came together to write this document to say that thier breaking away from britain to be independant