American Revolution, Kennington

  • French and Indian War

    A war fougth between Britain and the french and indians resulting in the french losing there part of land in a America
  • Proclamation of 1763

    I law passed to stop colonist from going west of the mountains to keep a good trade with the indians
  • Stamp Act

    An act placed by the british government putting a tax on newspapers, legal, and commercail documents
  • Sons and Daughters of liberty

    The sons and Daughters of liberty were a secret group of colonist who protested against British goods
  • Stamp Act Congress

    The first congress of the American colonists
  • Tea Act

    The Tea Act was the final straw foe the birtish coionists and was one of the main caues for the Revolutionary War
  • Tea Parties

    Tea Parties were mostly done by the Sons of Liberty
  • Intorlable Acts

    Were a Series of laws that were passed by the british government
  • First Contental Congress

    The First Contental congress was a meeting of 12 of the 13 colonies
  • Lexington and Comcord

    Lexington and Concord were the first battles of the Revolutionary War
  • Second Continental Congress

    The second continental congress was were all the 13 colonies met after the revolutionary war
  • Common Sense

    A document that inspired the colonist to fight Great Britain
  • Declaration of independence

    Was a document declaring American colonists freedom from britain