American revolution cooper

  • French and Indian war

    The french and indian war was between the British and the french.The British taxed the colonists to try to get themselves out of debt from the war. This angered the colonists.
  • proclamation of

    The proclamation was a law. This law stated that they couldnt move west to the appaulation mountains. This angeried the colonists because they had already won the land and didnt want to give it back for anything.
  • sons and daughters of liberty

    The Sons and Daughters of liberty were rituals. The Sons of Liberty were had secret codes , the sons had dummies and or effigies, they also intimidations. the Daughters of liberty were less violent and were kind of laid back on their worng doings.
  • stamp act congress

    The stamp act congress was the first metting held with representatives from the british goverment and the american goverment. The Stamp act congress discussed the laws of the British Goverment.
  • stamp act

    The Stamp act was an act passed buy the British. The stamp act stated that the colonist couldnt mail or ship any documents or paintings with out it being stamped and chargeredThis lead to the Stamp act congress.