American Revolution Assignment : Part 2

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  • The Boston Massacre

    The Boston Massacre began with a argument between colonists and British troops. Colonists were upset when acts and laws were passed such as the Townshend Acts. And taxation was one of the main reasons why people were angry. The British government had so much authority over the colonists, they had no say so whatsoever. They had to stand up for themselves and take action. Sadly, this caused a few people to lose their lives because the government didn't take their feelings into consideration.
  • 13 Year Old Girl Dies After Being Jumped

    A 13 year old girl in Texas dies after being bullied and beaten by a group of girls. Two or three girls started kicking the victim in the head. She went into a coma and the doctors later found a tumor in the back of her head, which the kicks didn't make it any better. This incident hurt many people because she didn't deserve this. The bulliers wanted authority over the girl and they reacted in a violent way, similar to the Boston Massacre. Be kind and always think before you take action.
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    The French and Indian War

    This was a war between France and Great Britain for supremacy or authority in North America. The war ended when they both signed the Treaty of Paris. This treaty formally ended the war, but France lost their territories in North America when Britain won the war.