American revolution

  • French and Indian war

    they were fighting for land and the British did taxation
  • freanch and indian war

    freanch and indian war
    it was a theater of seven years
  • proclamatian

    declare it to be Our Royal Will and reserve
  • sugar act

    sugar act
    they got taxed on sugar and other products
  • stamp act

    stamp act
    An act for granting and applying certain stamp duties, and other duties, in the British colonies
  • bostin massucure

    bostin massucure
    turning point
  • tea act

    tea act
    This British act required that colonists were only allowed to purchase tea from the British-owned East India Trading Company
  • -intorble act

    -intorble act
    were puntvile laws passed by the brittesh
  • battele lexingten

    battele lexingten
    1st battel
  • -olive branch

    -olive branch
    they made peace