American revolution

  • The Navigation Acts

    The Navigation Acts
    The navigation acts were passed by British parliament that made it possible for good to be shipped directly from Britain to the colonies with limited 3rd party activity.
  • The Ending Of The French and Indian War

    The Ending Of The French and Indian War
    The French and Indian war was a very difficult win for Britain. The war was extremely expensive and drained Britain’s treasury. Britain made the colonies pay their “fair” share to help build back the money they lost.
  • The Stamp Act

    The Stamp Act
    The stamp act was a way for Britain to make more money from the colonies. The way the stamp act worked was that it was a direct tax on almost every printed object would be taxed if it was made on the stamped paper sent over from Britain.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    The Boston Massacre was significant because this event catalyzed a reaction throughout colonial America about the hate for the British soldiers and empire. The reason the massacre happened was because a mob of angry patriots were throwing snowballs, sticks, and stones at the soldiers. The soldiers fought back with their guns and killed a few colonists.
  • The Tea Act

    The Tea Act
    The tea act was another way for British parliament to tax the English colonies. This made the tea more expensive and made almost every colonist angry. This act led to the Boston Tea Part.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    The Boston tea party was a very important event in American history. The American colonists were extremely mad and highly disliked the new taxes from Britain on tea and other products. The colonists threw over 300 crates off of ships into the Boston harbor.
  • Coercive/Intolerable Acts

    Coercive/Intolerable Acts
    The Coercive/Intolerable were passed by the British parliament to punish those living in Boston, Massachusetts due to their actions from the Boston Tea Party.
  • First Continental Congress

    First Continental Congress
    The first meeting of the Continental cCongress happened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The top political figures from 12 out of 13 colonies showed up to this very important event.
  • Lexington and Concord

    Lexington and Concord
    One of the first major battles in the American revolution. This marked the start of a war between the American colonists and the British empire which was the strongest power in the world at the time.
  • The Second Continental Congress

    The Second Continental Congress
    The second meeting of the Continental Congress took place during the revolutionary war. Like the first meeting the top delegates from the colonies gathered.
  • Adoption of The Declaration of Independence

    Adoption of The Declaration of Independence
    When the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress it ended all politic connections to their previous ruler Britain.
  • Battle Of Saratoga

    Battle Of Saratoga
    The battle of Saratoga was a very important war in the American revolution. This war is often called the turning point in the war. It is often called the turning point because the French noticed that the Americans won and wanted to help them win.
  • Winter at Valley Forge

    Winter at Valley Forge
    The winter at Valley Forge was one of the harshest winters during the Revolutionary War. The majority of the Continental Army was staying here for the winter of 1778 under the command of General George Washington. A high percentage of soldiers that stayed at Valley Forge contracted a disease and suffered greatly or died because of their illness. Others died of starvation and just the brutal weather conditions. The army didn’t have enough supplies and were often seen with holes in their clothes.
  • The Battle of Yorktown

    The Battle of Yorktown
    This is the last battle that will be fought in the American Revolution. George Washington and his troops surrounded the British army and forced them to surrender.
  • U.S. Constitution Writing

    U.S. Constitution Writing
    On September 9, 1787 the most important document in American history was officially signed by the founding fathers and the base of American government was formed.
  • Adoption of the United States Constitution

    Adoption of the United States Constitution
    The United States Constitution is what gives everybody in America their freedoms and rights. It is arguably the most important document in all of American history. The constitution took over a year to get ratified because 9 out of 13 colonies needed to sign off on it. It took so long to get ratified because every colony had disagreements on what should be on and shouldn’t be written on it.