American Revolution

  • french and indian war

    a war that lasted 7 years!
  • Sugar Act

    Repealed 1765 the british begin to issue, writs of assistance
  • Quartering Act

    the colonies had to house and feed british soldiers and they had no choice because it was the law
  • Stamp Act

    repealed in 1766
  • Declaratory Act

    replaced the stamp act
  • Boston Massacre

    a story that isnt quit straightend out yet and people say the colonist encouraged the british soldiers to shoot but alot of inocent colonist were killed that day.
  • Tea Act

    put taxes on tea and british tea was the only tea you could purchase witch upset alot of colonist
  • Boston Tea Party

    the colonist had enough of the tea act so they dumbed hundreds of barrels of tea into the boston harbor.
  • Intolerable acts

    boston port act,govt. act, 2nd quartering act, justice act, quebec act
  • lexington&concord

    small battles between the colonist and the british.

    The paper that seperated the colonist and british whitch was the start of United States of America!