American Revolution

By luhrl
  • Stamp Acts

    Colonists had to pay tax on each eice of paper .
    "The Spy Who Saw It All" (Pacge-9)
  • Boston Massacre

    Soldier shot at a mob of colonists. Three people died.
  • The Boston Tea Party

    Paul Revere led one of the groups that snuck onto one of the British ships in the Boston Harbor. They were disguised as indians and their mission was to dump all of the crates of tea, into the harbor "The Spy Who Say It All" (Page 12)
  • Roaring to the Charleston Shore

    He rode across the bay passing the Somerset. "Paul Revere's Ride" Page-(303)
  • Climbing The Tower

    Paul's friend climbed the tower of the Old North Church, By the wooden stails, with stealthy tread, To the belfry-chamber overhead.
    "Paul Rever's Ride" Page-(304)
  • He Saw The Lights

    Paul Revere saw the lights and rode off to go warn the colonists. "Paul Rever's Ride" Page-(305)
  • Paul Revere Was Captured By British Soldiers

    Paul Revere warned John Hancock that the british Soldiers were coming to get them. "The Deposition" Page-(312)
  • He Witnessed "The Shot Heard Around The World"

    "The shot heard around the world" was the first shot that was fired that led to the Revolutionary War. "The Deposition" (Page 311)
  • Paul Rever's First Escape

    Paul Revere's first escape was from British officers in Charleston.