American Revolution

  • French and Indian War

    It was a fight for North America. (British v.s French)

    British fought for it in hope of controlling moore land.

    Colonist were suprised.
  • treaty of paris1763

  • proclomation of 1763

    Forbidd colonist to go west over Appalachine Mt.

    Diddnt have enough power to protect them.

    Colonist were mad that they cold not go west.
  • sugar act 1764

    It put tax on sugar and malasis.

    Colonist diddnt care about the tax on sugar.

    Purpose was to use the money to to help pay for war funds.
  • Stamp Act 1765

    It put tax on everything from documents to any piece of papper used.

    Was done to help get money to pay for war.

    Colonist created groupe called the Stamp Act Congress to organize boycotts.
  • Writts of Assistance

    Where custom officers could search ships at will.

    British free acces to search what they wanted when they wanted with no consequenses.

    Colonist didnt have effect butt merchants felt it was an invasion of privacy.
  • Townshed Act

    Put tax on variouse house held items such as papper, glass, and silk ect.

    Britsh did it for moore money.
    Colonist boycotted untill it eventually reapled.
  • Quartering Act

    When colonist had to provide british soilders with clothes food and housing in order to keep there life.
    Colonist hated this but was something they had to deal with.

    British did this to save money for wars and battles.
  • Boston Massacre

    Was when colonist met british at boston custom house as colonist taunted british soilders they fired on them killing 8.

    Colonist Samual Adams used this as an advantige by calling this a massacre.

    British fired becuse of colonist agervating them.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Sons of liberty dumbed 90,000 pounds of tea into the boston harbor.

    Reaction was intolerable acts.
    British did it for money.
  • Battles Lexington and Concord

    700 troops reached lexington 70 militia men were waiting. British ordered militia to drop there weapons but they opened fire. 8 militia men were killed. British marched into concord deystroying military supplies, as they got furhter along 4000 minutemen lined the road and drove british back.
  • Bunker Hill

    Battle between british and the colonist.

    Colonist were upset about the lost war.

    british purpose was to gain moore land.
  • Intolerable Acts

  • Give me Liberty

    british helped form tolerable acts.

    British purpose send moore troops and increase restriction.
    Colonist continued to train to hope to drive british out in the first battle.
  • Declaration of Independance

    Voiced the reason to seperate from great britten. It was broken up into 5 parts. Liberty bell rung july 8,1776 to celebrate.
  • Comon sense published