American Revolutiom

  • Beginning of French & Indian War

  • Albany Plan of Union

  • Pontiac's War

  • Writs of Assistance

  • End of French and Indian war

  • Currency Act

  • Sugar Act

    People started to put Tax on Sugar
  • Quartering Act

  • The Policy of Non-Importation

  • Sons of Liberty

  • Stamp Act

    People started putting tax on Stamps
  • Militia

  • Restraining Act

  • Townshend Act

    People started putting tax on paints, oils, glass, ect.
  • Boston Massacure

    Huge kill streak
  • Tea Act

    People started putting tax on Tea.
  • Proclamation

  • Boston Tea Party

    The colonists dressed up as indians and dumped tea into the ocean.
  • Boston Port Act

  • Massachusetts Government Act

  • Administration of Justice Act

  • Quabec Act

  • Decloration of Independence

  • Contiental Congress

  • Second Contiental Congress

    This was to have the delegates resolve to reconvene congress.
  • Contiental Army

  • New England Restraining Act

  • Lexington and Concord

  • The Battle of Bunker Hill

  • Committees of Correspondence

  • Olive Branch Putition

  • Daughters of Liberty

  • Common Sense Act