american revalution

By filee
  • Stamp Act

    Colinests had to pay taxes on each peice of paper. "The Spy Who Saw It All" pg 9
  • Bostan Masacurre

    "Gun shots fired in the frosty air" As the people rushed outside. They found out that the british troops had opend fire on them.
  • Paul Revere rows to Charsltin shore

    Pauld told his friend if the British come by land hang one light. If they come by sea hang two Lights. Then he said "Good Night" and with muffeld oar he was off. page 303
  • Paul Revere see's the light's.

    Paul Revere was waiting to see the lights from the church tower. When he did there was two showing that the regulars. Where coming by sea. (306)
  • The minute men

    Those who were safe asleep in thier bed. Would soon be the first to fall. The regulars fired and fled.
  • Troops are comming

    To go to lexinton to warn the people that their are troops in the comman. page 311
  • Paul gets captuerd

    They got him as soon as he got off his horse they pointed there guns at his breast. They talked and hes bad mouthed them then they threatend to blow his brains out.
  • The shot heard around the world.

    They met at the bridge the first shot fired was by the british. One of the minut men went down then they fled. The minite men chased them at the end over 200 british soidlers were deed or wounded. 313
  • The Paris Peace Treaty

    John Adams, Bejiman Franklin, and John Jay. Signed the paris peace treaty after the revolutionary war. Thats not all it did it reconized the united states as a independant state. Page 5