American History

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    American History

  • American Revolution Begins

    The American Revolution officialy began on April 19, 1775. This happened because the Colonies hated the acts and restrictions that Great Britain placed on them. The Americans dicided to revolt, and the Revolution began. This date is important because this is the date that The Colonies began to fight. This began the day that brought them up from some colonies in Britain to a country, The United States of America.
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    American Revolution

  • Declaration of Idependence is Finished

    The Declaration of Independence is a VERY important document in US history. It was written by Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, and Thomas Jefferson. Officialy, only Thomas Jefferson wrote it but, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin revised it. After that John Adams and Roger Sherman revised more. Finally, The Declaration was finished. This event is important in US history because it was the day that The Colonies officialy declared their independence from Britain.
  • American Revolution Ends

    When the Treaty of Paris was signed and the war officialy ended, the fighting did not stop immeadiatly. It took several months for the news to get from Britain to the Colonies. This event is important because this is when the Colonies were finally seen as an independent country in Britain. This day was when the Colonies were finally free.
  • The Constitution is Finished

    The constitution was a document that stated our laws, rights, government, and representatives. The Constitution was written by Gouverneur Morris of Pennsylvania. Gouverneur Morris was also in charge of the committee to draft the final copy of the Constitution. This date is important in US history because this is when the US had a SOLID base on laws and government.
  • The Louisiana Purchase

    The Louisiana Purchase gave us an area of the western United States stretching from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains between the Gulf of Mexico and Canada. It was bought from France for $15 million. This is important to US history because this was when the US almost doubled in size. If not for this land, we wouldn't have Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, half of Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, part of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and part of Louisiana.
  • Mexican-American War Begins

    Mexican-American War began when the Americans and Mexicans both claimed one large piece of land in what is now south-western US. The US also wanted the border of Texas to be the Rio Grande. The Mexicans wanted the border to be the Nueces. The disputes became a war in 1846 when Mexicans attacked some patrols. This is important because this is the day that the United States and Texans both fought together to change the borders and begin to complete the US's wish to go from "sea to shining sea."
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    The Mexican-American War

  • The Mexican-American War Ends

    When the Mexican-American war ended, the US won. The Rio Grande became the official border, and the US aquired land. The land ended up being less money than at first, so the Mexicans were not happy. This is important because the Americans had finally accomplished their goal to stretch to both coasts, but it had come to a cost.
  • The Civil War Begins

    The Civil War began because of the fighting over slavery. The Confederates now wanted to become the Confederate States of America. Unfortunatly, The Union did not want to break off. They wanted to stay whole. As tension grew, the soldiers began to fight. This is important because this is when the US had to choose, Union or confederate? This tore families apart and became the bloodiest battle in US history.
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    The Civil War

  • The Civil War Ends

    When the Civil War ended, many people rejoiced. The Union had placed a strangle hold on Southern exports, and split the South in half by controlling the Mississippi River and New Orleans. Eventually, the South surrendered. This event is important because the ending of the civil war helped the country come together, and allowed the former slaves to roam the roads freely.
  • WWI Starts

    The immediate cause of WWI was the murder of Arch Duke F. Fedinand of Austria on June 28, 1914. The murderer was from Montenagro. Soon, the Austrian forces attacked Montenagro without officialy declaring war. After that, about half the world was drawn into battle. This is important because this was the first world war. The US joined in on the act and managed to help.
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    Start: July 28th, 1914.
    End: November 11th, 1918. Veterans Day.
  • WWI Ends

    About 4 years after the war started, the war ended. The people rejoiced in the fact that countries had once again united. Every one was happy to see the end of war. this date is significant because this is the day that the world stopped figting.( At least for the timebeing.)
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  • The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

    This date was when the soldiers were bombed in their beds. the Japanese launched a surprise attack on the Americans. Coming at dawn and destroying everyting. This is significant because this was the day that the United States were dragged into the second World War. The went in mad at the Japanese and fought for their lives.
  • WWII Ends

    This day is when the people started up breathing. When the Little Boy and Fat Man had it Hiroshima, the Japanese were crippled. The war ended soon after. This day is significant because this was the day that the US had finally finished fighting in WWII. We were all glad to be out.