Colonization of the New World

By matocha
  • Sep 7, 1439

    Johann Gutenberg

    Johann Gutenberg was a German blacksith and the invinter of paper printing. His invention was one of the most important in history becasue information was now public and regular people had the chance to learn about the rest of the world. This played a big part in colonization because the discovery of the new land and all its riches was spred all over the world thanks to the new printing.
  • Sep 7, 1492


    The Reconquista was a holy war fought between the armies of Castile and Aragon aginst the indepentant states in Southern Spain that were now Muslim. This is important becasue it untied Spain under one faith and gave the attitude that Spain has no tolerance for people who reject the Catholic faith. This attitude carried through to when Spain colonized America and showed by how they treated the Indians.
  • Sep 7, 1494

    Treaty of Torsedillas

    The Treaty of Torsedillas was a treaty that divided up America along the line 270 leagues west of the Azores were any new lands found west of that line belonged to Spain. This was important because it still shows today how it was split like how Brazil was on Portugals side and still speaks Portuguese today. Also beacuse it was meant to discourage European colonization but failed.
  • Sep 7, 1497

    John Cabot, Sebastian Cabot

    John Cabot was a Venetian sea captain who made the first transatlantic voyago by an English ship. When he died his son Sabastian continued his fathers work and the Cabots trips made gave England thier foothold in claiming the New world.
  • Sep 7, 1500

    Encomienda System

    The Encomienda System was a system that was used by the King and Queen of Spain to help control the Indians by rewarding men with land in America. This system was Important to the colonization of the Americas because It turned America into a settlement not just a place of plunder.
  • Sep 7, 1509

    Protestant Reformation: Henry VII and Elizabeth I

    The Protestant Reformation was caused becasue King Henry VIII and Elizabeth the I saw Spain to be their greatest threat. Because England was becomming more and more Protestant England got a central role in European affairs and it gave them a good sense of English identity among all classes.
  • Sep 7, 1553

    Richard Haklyut

    Richard Hakluyt was an English writer that interviewed people comming back from North America who was known for incouraging the settlement of the Americas through his writtings. He was important becasue the people that read his works thought that this new land would bring them alot of riches so he helped promoted settlement.
  • Sep 7, 1570


    Roanoke was a settlement by the English. It was led by Sir Richard Grenville. It is said that evything that could have gone wrong, did. Roanike was very hard to find so no shipments of much needed supplies arived and everyone eather went back to Englang or died out. The importance of Roanoke is becasue it showed how hard it really was to set a colony in the new world. Also becasue it gave a better understanding of winds, currents, supplies needed and finance.
  • Slave Trade

    The major slave trade was caused because of the coloniztion of the Americas. There was so much work to be done in the new world so Native Americans were used as slaves but they ran away or died so then slaves from Africa were shiped over becasue they are a more depentable labor sorce. The slave trade dramatically boosted productivity in the Americas. There was more African slaves in America than anyother population.
  • Quebec

    King Francis backed an unsuccessful campain to find a shorter passege to China through the Northern Americas and this land that was found was resettled by Samuel de Champlain in 1608 and named Quebec. Quebec was important beecasue it helped the relation between the indians and the french. This relationship led to the trade of furrs from the Indians and this helped economic growth in France.