American and John Adams History

By pdow
  • John Adams was born

  • Period: to

    John Adams

  • John Adams graduates from harvard

  • Abagail Smith and John Adams marry

  • John Adams first child is born Abagail the 2nd

  • John Adams son John Quincy Adams was born

  • Susanna adams was born

  • Susann Adams dies

  • Charles Adams was born

  • Thomas Boylston Adams was born

  • The revolutionary war begins

  • The articles of confederation came into effect

  • Period: to

    the life of the articles of confederation

  • The peace treaty ends the revolutionary war

  • he was the first U.S minister in britain

  • John adams signs a piece treaty with morocco

  • the constitution was drafted

  • the constitution was signed

    the constitution was signed
  • John Adams is elected the president othe the academy of arts

  • Period: to

    John Adams Presidency

  • John Adams becomes the second President of the U.S

  • john adams is no longer president

  • Loiusiana Purchase

  • John adams Dies

    John adams Dies
  • Thomas Jefferson dies

    Thomas Jefferson dies